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What is the trend of the photovoltaic market?

What is the trend of the photovoltaic market?


During the SNEC 2020, the 14th Global Photovoltaic Cutting-edge Technology Conference theme forum was held in The Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai.

the SNEC 14th (2020) in Shanghai

Solar energy Industry experts at home and abroad have conducted in-depth analyses on the current direction of photovoltaic technology development and the trend of solar PV energy market.

For the Asia-Pacific region, experts say, as the renewable energy economy grows, there will be more opportunities to replace gas-fired or raw coal power with clean energy, such as wind and photovoltaic energy.

Therefore, the rapid decline in the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour in the future will give us a better chance to replace traditional electricity generation.Renewable energy would still be in the future the main source of power, the power generation cost and coal will tend to be flat, even lower, and the future of renewable energy will be the most countries in the Asia Pacific main source of installed power generation in addition to authors and increase efficiency, improve the stability of the entire pv system, improve the service life of components have the entire pv system is also very important.

Commercial solar plants

The pv market will continue to grow strongly in 2020 and will recover next year even if it declines this year.He believes that despite the uncertainty, the target can still be achieved and the epidemic will not affect the overall trend.Despite brief fluctuations in the pv market, pv product prices will continue to fall this year due to manufacturers' macro overcapacity and resulting competition.Therefore, global pv in 2020 will be full of challenges and opportunities.

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