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Company News
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Personal Protective equipment (PPE) for Prevention of Epidemic and Resume the supply chain of solar mounting systems in BROAD.

BROAD,following the instructions and recommendations of the Authorities,has provided all required instruments to ease work for the vast majority of our staff during this hard situation.

To provide anti-epidemic hygiene supplies, protective masks and scanning temperature for each one in the office every day.

To strengthen the promotion of personal hygiene protection,BROAD tries best to provide a safe and hygienic working environment for all stuffs.

anti-epidemic hygiene supplies in BROAD

Due to COVID-19 situation,most of Chinese suppliers are affected to make longer production time than usual.Some of our orders placed were also postponed a bit due to extended holiday before during CNY holiday.BROAD production lines all have been fully working for supplying of solar mounting systems since February 10th,2020 and get all production arrangements as scheduled.

If you have any purchase plan recently, we would to give priority to arrange materials to avoid any delay for your schedule.

We stay together all over the world,and we believe we will get through this difficult time very soon.

We are always available for all our customers and distributors on the phone 86 0592 6252 182

or through emails to info@broadsolartek.com or directly to our sales manager checy.cai@broadsolartek.com

Solar mounting brackets factory

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